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If you’ve been accused of a crime in Virginia Beach, you should contact an experienced Virginia Beach criminal defense attorney immediately. Although the charges may not seem serious now, it is important to know that a criminal conviction will remain on your criminal record indefinitely. As a result, even a minor crime can negatively impact your personal life for years to come.

The United States Constitution protects you from being falsely convicted of a crime by guaranteeing essential rights to all US citizens. Because you are innocent until proven guilty, the state must prove you are guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in order for you to be convicted of any criminal charges. Unfortunately, to accomplish this task, prosecutors will use the most damaging evidence they can find against you—with little to no regard for your rights. As a result, your Constitutional protections include the right to legal representation.

A criminal defense attorney’s most important job is to ensure your rights are not violated at any time during the case proceedings. After carefully evaluating the charges against you, your attorney will conduct a comprehensive investigation of the case to determine the best defense strategy for you. Part of this investigation includes interviewing witnesses and police officers, ensuring any evidence against you was obtained legally, and using expert witnesses to support your defense.

Thanks to the numerous legal dramas we see on television, when most people think of criminal attorneys, they picture a complicated courtroom drama. However, many criminal cases do not even make it to trial. Indeed, a skilled criminal defense attorney can often negotiate a reduced sentence for clients, or even get their charges dropped. In fact, having an attorney present can be the difference between serving a long sentence and avoiding conviction entirely.

Whether you are facing misdemeanor or felony charges, having a highly skilled criminal defense attorney can drastically improve the outcome of your criminal case. As a lifetime member of the National Association of Criminal Defense and the Virginia Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, attorney Michael C. Tillotson is just that. With over a decade of trial experience, Mr. Tillotson knows the ins and outs of the Virginia Beach legal system, and he uses this knowledge to fight for his clients’ rights every step of the way.

Remember, the state must prove you are guilty before you can be convicted of any type of crime—and with a strong defense, you can often avoid the devastating consequences of a criminal convictions. Get the legal representation you’re entitled to. Put years of criminal defense experience to work for you, and contact Michael C. Tillotson today for a free, no-obligation consultation on your case.

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